• 20 Year Real Estate Development & Finance Specialist

Joshua Richards is a 20 year real-estate development and finance specialist. He has several hundred entitled and constructed units to his credit, including condos, townhomes, single family homes as well as commercial real-estate. Joshua is expert at understanding and utilization of modern building techniques, and prides himself on delivering premium products at affordable prices that are also earth friendly.

Joshua Richards receives credit as a development consultant in several countries including Canada, El Salvador, France, Australia, Argentina, and New Zealand. Joshua has expertise and years of experience in with dealing with the governing bodies of foreign governments in order to accomplish real estate development goals.


In addition to real estate, Joshua has brought several new products to the market. Many of these products are associated with the sporting goods industry however he has also spearheaded new clothing brands and footwear. His largest clients were Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods and the like. Once these brands were built, and markets established, he negotiated the sale of these companies to the highest bidder, one of the most notable was Body Glove International who continues to manage the skate line products today under their own name.

During this time of sales and brand building, Joshua helped his family business, Wilderness Engineering as Vice President. As VP he established highly lucrative government contracts with the US military. In addition to new contracts he also reorganized and improved the manufacturing processes company products resulting in major fi nancial net gain. This company specializes in winter warfare equipment as well as search and rescue gear. With vast real estate, product, and brand building experience, Joshua is often asked to lecture at Weber State University as well as University of Utah in the annual Entrepreneurship lecture series.