• 22 years experience as owner and manger in construction, real estate, and development
  • Principal Broker for Advent Property Advisors

Rick has had a keen interest in construction and real estate development from a very young age. He was first exposed to construction at the age of five when he helped build a family cabin in Midway from start to finish. All spare family time was devoted to constructing every detail of the home. Since then, his passion in building and creating has never faded. In 1998, Rick start his construction company, Forest Line Construction. In 2001, Rick graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management from the University of Utah and at the same time had grown his construction company to over three million in revenue that year - its 3rd year of business! Since that time until present, Rick has expanded his time and experience in real estate, construction, and development.


Rick has 22 years of experience as an owner and manager in construction, real estate and development. His professional career was initially forged in construction and quickly expanded into development, real estate, and asset management. Rick had built a construction company that was 60 employees strong and was doing over 15 million a year in revenue. He closed the door on that business in 2008 to pursue greater interests in real estate and development.

Rick is the Principal Broker for Advent Property Advisors, Inc. and has been with that company since it was created in 2010. He heads up the development arm of the company. His understanding in the nuts and bolts of construction has helped overcome significant challenges in development and asset management and has been a great advantage for negotiations in real estate. Th e following project types are a sample of his experience:

  • Residential subdivisions
  • Commercial Business Parks and subdivision
  • Multi-family projects and condo conversions. 500+ units
  • Light Industrial warehouse/manufacturing
  • Hospital/medical/surgical buildings
  • Government work: i.e. Work on Military bases, UDOT facilities, Fire Stations,
    Public Schools
  • Office Buildings
  • Storage Units/Airplane hangers
  • Hotel renovations and conversions
  • Tenant Improvements: Retail, Big box stores, restaurants, office, high rise,

Rick has expanded on his construction knowledge and is experienced in all phases of real estate development and asset management. Phases include: concept plans and entitlements, construction, lease up, and stabilization of assets.

Rick works closely with architects, contractors, engineers, and other real estate brokers and managers for the purpose of ensuring a quality performing asset at every stage. His wide range of experience has been a great strength to Advent. His skills make it possible for Advent to step into a myriad of different roles on a development and provide expertise and assistance wherever needed.